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Watertown TV is a public access, community based media service located in Watertown Wisconsin. Our programming can be watched on this site - both streaming and on demand-and on Charter Cable station 985. Our programming is created for and by the Watertown community and includes events, sports, interviews, entertainment, how-to, church services, and more.  

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Watertown TV offers numerous opportunities to learn about video production. Volunteers can work behind or in front of the camera, learn editing techniques and audio engineering, work on location or in our studio, create programming or volunteer for other producers. 

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Need a promotional video, commercial, meeting taped? Watertown TV can do it for you. Our professional staff has years of experience creating all types of video - including script writing, audio, music selection, graphic design and more.

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Studio hours for 3/19-3/23

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Please stop by anytime during studio hours. We hope to see you soon!

Rev. Ray Bezanson celebrates 25 years as the "voice of Watertown soccer" for over 25 Years. He is a dedicated Watertown TV volunteer and board member.

 Watertown TV Volunteer Highlight

WATERTOWN, September 2016: 

The “voice of Watertown soccer” is celebrating 25 years behind the microphone this year.

Ray Bezanson has been calling high school soccer games for Watertown’s public access station since 1990.

“I really didn’t volunteer, I was approached by Gary Fisk, the cable coordinator at the time, probably because I was yelling a lot from the sidelines at the games,” Bezanson says with a warm chuckle.

Since then his involvement has expanded to include play-by-play for Watertown High School football and basketball.

Bezanson’s commitment to public access television goes farther than calling sports.

He is also secretary of the Watertown Cable Board and promotes the station whenever he can.

“Watertown TV is an important asset for our community, it’s a great local resource.”

When he’s not in the press box, Bezanson is the pastor of Watertown Advent Christian Church and a chaplain at Marquardt Memorial Hospice and Aurora Health Care.

“Ray is a wonderful volunteer,” says Watertown TV's former media coordinator Jill Nadeau. “He loves calling the games and does such a great job. Especially with soccer, there are still a lot of people who aren’t as familiar with the game and he has a nice way of explaining what’s going on. He does his homework and is always prepared.”

Bezanson says his working conditions have certainly improved over the years. “When we first started we were at a picnic table along the sidelines, we had a handheld mic and that was about it. When it rained I had to hold the mic, my notes and an umbrella!”

He now calls the games from an elevated sports box and uses a headset.

One thing that hasn’t changed is his love of the game and appreciation for the coaches and youths who play, especially when they score a goal.